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Banks, L. R. (1980). The Indian in the cupboard. New York, NY: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.
Omri receives three gifts for his birthday – a second-hand plastic Indian from his friend, a cupboard his brother found and a key to a box that no longer exists – which combine into a magical experience when he realizes that he can bring plastic figures to life.

My grade:  C
It’s a shame Banks didn’t do more research for her story.  There are a few instances in the book where it seemed like she had the opportunity to do something more with her story (i.e. when Little Bear points out that markings on a teepee aren’t correct).  How wonderful would the story have been if when Little Bear (and Boone, as well) was brought to life, he had been an accurate portrayal?  Banks could have used her story to show that Hollywood doesn’t get everything right and that what we see on the screen is often terribly wrong.

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