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Barakat, I. (2007). Tasting the sky: A Palestinian childhood. New York, NY: Melanie Kroupa Books.
This memoir follows the author from young childhood during the Six-Day War and onward.  Not only does she discuss the difficulties, she also shows that there were good things to remember, as well.

My grade: A
The writing in this book is beautifully expressive.  The author also includes a list of resources at the back for anyone wanting to learn more.

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Demi. (2003). Muhammad. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.
Demi’s beautifully illustrated book gives the life history of Muhammad from his birth through death, including the writing of the Koran.

My grade: A+
Amazingly, I was not familiar with all the details of Muhammad’s life.  I found this book to be educational and also extremely pretty to look at.  It would be a great introduction to Islam for children.

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Nelson, V. M. (2009). Bad news for outlaws. Minneapolis: Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.
Bad News for Outlaws is a biography about Bass Reeves, a former slave who becomes a deputy U.S. marshal during the 1870s.  Nelson packs a great deal into a short picture book.  The story is not only a biography, but also a glimpse of history and the injustice of slavery.
Nelson sums up the importance of telling this story in her note at the end of the story when she discusses playing cowboys as a child.  “Many of the western heroes we idolized as children were fictional characters, dramatized by Hollywood.  But Bass Reeves was real.  How difference my childhood view of myself might have been if, when choosing who got the best parts, we’d fought over who got to play Bass Reeves.”

My grade:  A+
I particularly enjoyed reading this book because I had never heard Bass Reeves story.

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