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Lowell, J. & Tuchel, T. C. (2005). My best friend Will. Shawnee Mission: Autism Asperger Publishing Co.
Jamie Lowell, the co-author of the book, is a fifth grade student whose best friend, Will, is autistic.  Using simple and accepting language, this book explains what makes Will special.

My grade: A
It’s not often that a fifth grader authors a book and this one may be more approachable because a child was involved in its writing.  The black and white pictures are nice, as well.

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Stuve-Bodeen, S. (2005). The best worst brother. Bethesda: Woodbine House, Inc.
Emma’s younger brother, Isaac, is the best worst brother.  His toddler tantrums frustrate Emma, but she experiences pride in her brother when he starts talking.

My grade: A
The inclusion of a question and answer section in the back is a great addition.  It contains good information.

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