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Cisneros, S. (1984). The house on mango street. Houston: Arte Publico Press.
Esperanza hopes for a real house with running water, pipes that work, real stairs, a basement, at least three washrooms, a great big yard and trees around the outside.  What she gets is the house on Mango Street.   This book contains vignettes illustrating life in a predominately Latino neighborhood in Chicago.

My review:  A+

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Shea, P. D. (2003). Tangled threads: A Hmong girl’s story. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company.
Tangled Threads tells the story of Mai, a young girl living in a Thai refugee camp who immigrates to the United States.  She adjusts to American life, but must cope with her grandmother’s reluctance to accept their new life.

My review: B+
Though Pegi Deitz Shea is not Hmong, her experience with Hmong culture shows in her writing.  I think the novel might have been stronger without the added story line regarding Mai’s grandmother delaying their move to America.  Focusing on the difficulties immigrants face provides plenty of insight and drama with no need for more.

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