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Barakat, I. (2007). Tasting the sky: A Palestinian childhood. New York, NY: Melanie Kroupa Books.
This memoir follows the author from young childhood during the Six-Day War and onward.  Not only does she discuss the difficulties, she also shows that there were good things to remember, as well.

My grade: A
The writing in this book is beautifully expressive.  The author also includes a list of resources at the back for anyone wanting to learn more.

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Conover, S. & Crane, F. (Eds.). (2004). Ayat jamilah: Beautiful signs. Spokane: Eastern Washington University Press.
Editors Sarah Conover and Freda Crane have assembled an extensive collections of stories from all over the Muslim world.  Most stories include a moral.

My grade: A
This collection of stories is extensive and includes some really great ones.  I was surprised to see some stories I had heard before.  There are few illustrations, but the book is still lovely because some of the pages are decorated.

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Demi. (2003). Muhammad. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.
Demi’s beautifully illustrated book gives the life history of Muhammad from his birth through death, including the writing of the Koran.

My grade: A+
Amazingly, I was not familiar with all the details of Muhammad’s life.  I found this book to be educational and also extremely pretty to look at.  It would be a great introduction to Islam for children.

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